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Everything You Need to Know About the Popular Arabica Coffee Beans

Everything You Need to Know About the Popular Arabica Coffee Beans

You must have come across the name Arabica Coffee at least once in a lifetime and if you are a coffee lover then you must know about the popularity of Arabica Coffee Beans. It has earned its popularity for a good number of reasons.

Arabica coffee is the only coffee variant that has the most sought-after kind but also many distinct subtypes. Aside from that, arabica coffee green beans or Arabica coffee beans when brewed give consumers rich flavour, deep nuances and less bitterness due to lower caffeine levels than robusta.

Now if you haven’t yet tried out this widely popular coffee variant then you must do it ASAP. However, if you are someone that likes to do a little digging and learn more about the things that you are considering trying then this guide is just for you.

Here we have enumerated everything important that you need to know about the very popular arabica coffee beans. Keep reading till the end to learn all about it.

Arabica – What is it?

Arabica is the name given to a coffee variant that was first discovered in the southwestern uplands of Ethiopia. According to an article, the name “arabica” was given to this particular coffee species because back in the day when it was first discovered this specific coffee variant was shipped from Ethiopia to Arabia.

Today, arabica is the most widely produced and consumed coffee variant. Almost 60 per cent or even more than that percentage of worldwide coffee production is Arabica coffee beans.

Brief History of Arabica Coffee

It is believed that the arabica coffee variant came into notice when wild coffee was introduced to Yemen from Ethiopia in the early 575 AC. The exact documentation of the origin of Arabica coffee is still a debatable topic.

Earlier when arabica coffee beans were discovered, the beans were used as a stimulant ingredient where the Oromo tribe crushed the beans and combined them with fat. However, they were truly used as coffee once they were introduced in Arabia.

According to the Arab scholars, it was found that when the beans were brewed and consumed as a beverage, they could prolong their working time for several hours. Since the beans were truly used like coffee in Arabia, this coffee variant rightfully earned the name Arabica coffee.

Taste Of Arabica Coffee Beans

Arabica coffee beans burst with flavours and are one of the reasons why is so much popular among consumers. However, the high-quality arabica beans have hints of nut, caramel and chocolate to them making them mildly sweet in flavour.

Some arabica coffee beans also have hints of berries or fruity taste to them. Typically, when tasting Arabica coffee, one can find it slightly bitter and a bit of pleasantly acidic taste.

Depending on the choice of roast, the level of each flavour can be detected. Other than that, the soil composition of the land where the beans are cultivated and the area where they are grown also influences the balance of the aforementioned flavours.

Growing Arabica Coffee Beans

For Arabica coffee green beans to grow, the climate condition needs to be pleasant as the arabica plants cannot withstand harsh conditions. Humidity is preferable whereas frost is despised.

The most ideal temperature for arabica coffee plants to grow is 15-24 degrees Celsius. The plants require shade; therefore, the subtropical region is perfect for Arabica Coffee Beans to grow.

Arabica plants are found to be grown at an elevation of approximately 600+ meters above sea level. They thrive well on the hillsides and almost need to reach 7 years of age to mature.

Different Types of Arabica Coffee Beans

The Arabica Coffee plant has a vast family out of which several variants are cultivated. The most common arabica coffee beans varieties found are:


It is regarded as one of the first coffee categories discovered. The Bourbon have flavour notes containing chocolate and also fruity overtones. Producers obtain several distinct categories of Arabica by crossbreeding this plant in particular.


Typica is yet another one of the first coffee categories found from which other varieties are grown as of today. This one is noted for its sweet and clean cup of coffee taste. To achieve a specific taste, the Typica category is commonly used and cross-bred with other kinds.


Caturra variety comes from the Bourbon strain and is a natural hybrid. This variety was very common in Brazil but in recent years have been popularly grown in Central America’s higher altitude regions. Caturra has a very citric flavour with a light body to it.

Other than these there are several other arabica coffee green beans varieties found and cultivated worldwide. All in all, arabica coffee is regarded as the superior kind of coffee variety that every coffee lover must try out.

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