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Why Cargo Insurance Is Very Important

Why Cargo Insurance Is Very Important

Life is full of risk. To safeguard ourselves from huge losses we go for medical claims or life insurance. We cannot escape the accidents but we can take precautions to save ourselves from huge losses. Life is one of the biggest risks than anything else but few more losses can ruin our future and leaves us in dark.

Our bread and butter depend upon businesses that we run for our livelihood. We invested a handsome amount of money to run this business.
What if we lost all this money by a natural disaster, theft, or unnatural act of god, etc?

A business runs on practicality, not on emotions.

If we are engaged in import-export business then the chances of loss are more because of long-distance. Here comes the role of cargo insurance. Cargo insurance covers the losses that occur in transit.

Cargo insurance helps you in clearing customs easily.

Different types of cargo insurance are available in the market depending upon the modes of transport like Air cargo & freight services in the USA, truckload services, and sea cargo, etc.

Types Of Cargo Insurance

Land Cargo Insurance

It covers losses that occur due to theft, accidental damages, and a variety of different risks for the goods that are transported by trucks or small utility vehicles.  This insurance covers only domestic shipment losses.

Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine cargo insurance is for the goods that are transported by air cargo or sea cargo.
It covers losses that occur because of cargo loading/unloading, poor weather conditions, or other uncontrollable issues. It covers losses related to domestic as well as international shipping.

Importance Of Opting For Cargo Insurance

After reading the article till now, you will already get to know – why cargo insurance is important. There will be a variety of risks if goods are to be thrown or trucked into the international vessel.

Although the full amount of losses will not be covered in some of the cargo insurance plans good percentage of losses can be covered because of this. If damage occurs due to the act of god, in that case, policy gets lapses and the contract becomes void. In this case insurance company is not liable to pay any compensation for the losses.

Types Of Damages That Covers Under Cargo Insurance


Damages that happens because of fire or smoke covers under cargo insurance.


If the pirates stole the marine shipment then such kind losses will be covered under marine cargo insurance.


All the losses that take place because of the theft covers under cargo insurance

From Where To Buy Cargo Insurance Policy

Although there are many insurance agents or brokers are present in the market. But it is recommendable to buy a policy from a logistics service provider. They will guide you on each aspect of cargo insurance. If you are not a frequent supplier of goods that you can go with a separate insurance agent or broker, if you are a frequent supplier of goods on regular basis then you should go for the third-party logistics service provider.

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