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How To Make A Video For A Real Estate Agency

How To Make A Video For A Real Estate Agency

We all know that millions of real estate videos are shared on the internet every day, and most of them are uploaded to YouTube. No one questions the effectiveness of real estate video marketing as a tool for their real estate anymore. However, making a real estate video on YouTube remains a mystery to some professionals. Today we want you to put aside all your prejudices and open your mind to this incredible tool to educate, attract and strengthen relationships with clients.

Why Make Real Estate Videos On YouTube

It is not easy to use a video editor for YouTube. It requires some practice. However, we do not want you to get the idea that uploading very elaborate videos for your real estate is the only thing you can do on this social network. You can design and develop an entire content marketing strategy for real estate on this channel without being an expert and uploading complex videos every week.

But before starting to detail how you can develop this strategy, these are some of the data about YouTube that will help you understand the scope of this platform:

  • The biggest video consumers are millennials aged between 18 and 34.
  • YouTube viewing time has grown significantly. It has risen by at least 50% year-on-year for three consecutive years.
  • Video is the most widely used content format, followed by blog posts and infographics.
  • The time users spend watching videos from their mobile devices has increased by 100% since last year.
  • YouTube is currently accessed by more than 2 billion users.
  • The video platform is present in many languages, with 88 local versions.

There are indeed few real estate experts who stand out on YouTube with real estate video marketing. We know that it is a demanding channel that must be very creative to stand out. However, many do not even try, and we assume that encouraged by the ease of use of other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

To set certain goals is your first task. You must keep in mind what you want to achieve, just as you would with any other real estate marketing action. The most common options are:

Generate Online Visibility

YouTube is a perfect channel if you want to get your real estate company to be known.

Increase Traffic To Your Website

You must know how to indicate to users the query information and how to attract visits to your real estate website from your YouTube videos so that later they will ask you for more information about your properties through a contact form. All customer information can be registered in a real estate CRM.

Build Loyalty To Your Customers

Video marketing is not only good to attract attention if your brand is not well known, but it is also ideal so that those who already follow you do not abandon you and are faithful to your brand.

How To Make A Video For A Real Estate Agency

We frequently talk that audiovisual media and real estate video are becoming increasingly important in social networks. Having a Facebook profile for your real estate agency with links to news that users can find on their own does not add anything to the real estate marketing of a company. Nothing at all.

However, real estate video is becoming more and more capable of virilizing the image of an agency, as shown by some of the real estate videos that we bring you today. Although all of them bring out the more hooligan side of real estate agents, we can extract several lessons:

Make It Fun

If you want to virtualize your brand image as a real estate agent, being fun is an essential condition. However, be very careful not to go overboard. There is nothing worse than trying to be funny without being funny.

Be Creative

If you have the feeling that your audience is not into the funny video, creativity is essential in every social circle.

Be Short

Don’t bore your audience. Less than 3 minutes is more than enough to gain the public’s attention and meet the objectives that you have set.

Provokes A Little

Although it is hard for us to admit it, there is nothing like shaking the hornet’s nest to get some attention.

Be Memorable

When people start referring to your real estate video by name, you’ll know it’s gone viral.


Do you know how to generate visibility for your brand? Many real estate companies launch promotional videos to generate a brand image. It’s the fastest, but not the only thing you can do. In addition, you can create videos in which you report or highlight some aspect of the market in a unique and personal way, which will help you generate great visibility.

Now that you know the tips for making real estate videos, you can start to consider making real estate videos related to your brand. Following real estate marketing principles, you must always keep your focus on your audience’s interests. Can you tell us your experience with real estate video marketing?

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