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Shooting For Thrill Not Kill

Shooting For Thrill Not Kill

When you think about firing a gun, the real purpose is the bang, force, and the kill. But in recent times, using guns is more about the thrill and the adrenaline than just safety or defense. The larger the use of guns is becoming, the more it is seeping into the recreational side. Everyone is curious about what it’s like to shoot and that is what is causing so many accidents. To curb that issue, you need to ask yourself, what gun shoots blanks? The answer is, a blank gun, that can still shoot and fire but not harm you in the process or anyone else. 

Some fundamental features differ in blank guns from normal ones. If someone is only looking to fire for the rush, then they don’t need the high-maintenance mess. Blank guns are specifically designed to act like real guns, but not shoot any metal bullets. In other words, they shoot blank ammunition and there is a good reason for why they exist. You see in many cases now guns are becoming a form of recreation and that cant be allowed. People who enjoy firing can do so with blank firing guns and still gain the same thrill out of it. 

Difference Between Blank Guns And Regular Ones

Let’s look in-depth as to what it means when we say blank guns shoot blank ammo instead. Everyone pretty much knows how guns are used and made. They have a specific kind of structure involving a magazine holding the bullets, a barrel, and a trigger that propels the shots. In a blank gun, however, some structural and material changes don’t allow a metal bullet to pass. 

  • The barrel of the blank gun is firstly obstructed, so you can’t modify it to shoot a real bullet. It can only let blank ammunition pass through which guarantees a safe shooting every time. 
  • Secondly, the bullets for a blank gun are rounds that are blunt and thicker than usual guns. They are shot from a short distance and can still be harmless to most. These rounds are also known as BBs and contain gunpowder. When the bullet is shot, it cannot pierce anyone or hurt them, and it also produces smoke like a real bullet shot. 
  • You can also count on the fact that almost all blank guns, especially high-quality ones are replicas of their real counterparts. Someone who wants an authentic experience can easily make do with one of these instead. 
  • You will also get a range of battery-operated, spring lock, or gas-powered blank guns. These work instead of the trigger to propel these blanks out of the gun. These canisters are filled with CO2 gas and help the bullet explode and produce smoke and bangs.

Types Of Blank Guns You Can Find 

One of the most encouraging facts about using blank guns is the range. You can find a large amount of front-firing blank guns that will suit your action phase. As opposed to real guns, it is much safer to use blanks, even if they are the bigger ones. You can take advantage of this fact and also indulge in larger blank weapons than you would be able to otherwise. So, there is of course a larger array of blank guns you can find to shoot and use. 

Starting from the bottom, most people experience guns in their simplest forms. If you want to shoot off a couple of rounds of thrill, you can get a blank gun revolver. It is smaller and easier to manage and also quite handy as a training weapon for self-defense. On the other hand, you can also find a good firing blank pistol as well as something bigger like a rifle. 

For a more nuanced and professional use of blank guns, you can also find larger varieties. You can look for something as unique as a blank assault rifle or a sniper. These guns are not as prevalently available to civilians but for thrills, they are safer to use than actual ones. These blank gun options, including blank machines and shotguns, are also incredibly useful for police and military drill training. 

Uses Of Blank Guns You Didn’t Know 

It might be harder to imagine for most people that blank guns can be of any real use. The truth is that they are an important invention, and they are certainly proving to be so as well. Here are some ways blank guns are being utilized that you might not have thought of. 

Police Dog Training

We have already covered how blank guns can be really useful for police and military force. Did you know that blank guns are also used to train police dogs in the field? Dogs famously get nervous around loud bangs and chaos, blank guns help train them to stay calm in the field. 

Celebratory Gunfire Substitution 

Pistols are shot off at races and sporting events to signal the start of races. Guns are also blasted off at weddings, public holidays, parades, and other celebrations. All of these activities can be done with a blank pistol instead as it is much safer. The 9mm Pak blanks are much more suitable as rounds than actual bullets that can hit someone and kill them. They produce smoke and bangs the same way a real gun does but without the danger. 

Theater And Film Props

A large number of films and stage plays use guns in their scenes for effect. The issue is the danger involved in getting shot on set by accident through a loaded gun that was supposed to be empty. To counter that issue and maintain authenticity, blank guns are used as props instead.

There are multiple reasons why you should buy a blank gun instead. Many online stores give you the best selection of blank guns as well as ammo to suit the firing need you want. PA Knives is a leading store that specializes in all blank weapons and that is where you should look.

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