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Top 7 Differences Between Bangles and Bracelets

Top 7 Differences Between Bangles and Bracelets

In India, you will rarely see a woman without any jewellery item. Whether it’s made of gold, silver, iron or anything else, an Indian woman will always have something on her. This is not just to make her look gorgeous, but several jewellery items have had significant value in Indian traditions and culture as well.

The tradition of enhancing one’s beauty is a very common and essential practice in India. On the day of marriage, the woman is wholly covered with jewellery items from top to bottom. This signifies the value of a woman and well the importance of jewellery upon her. Among the various jewellery items, there are some which have more importance than others. A bangle is one of them.

Bangle Vs Bracelet

Bangles are considered one of the most essential ornaments a woman can wear. Married women wearing glass or a gold bangle have more value in it because it is considered the sign of ‘suhaag’, a blessing of prosperous married life between husband and wife.

Bangle is a sturdy, hard, circular piece of accessory worn around the wrist by women. It doesn’t have any locks or clips and is worn by sliding onto the wrist through the hand. It can be made of any metal like gold or silver, or glass which are most commonly used after marriage for daily wear. There can be additional ornaments or stones studded into them to make them look more gorgeous and elegant.

A Bracelet is yet another wrist accessory that is worn by women, as well as men. These are very flexible and are based on a chain design. They have a small lock or clasp which can be tightened once placed around the wrist. These can also be embellished with stones and ornaments, however, it is kept lightweight.

Key Differences Between Bangle and Bracelet

  • A bangle is a hard metal without any flexibility. It is just like a finger ring, but large enough for the wrist. The gold bracelet on the other hand is built from small multiple links, connected to form a ring large enough for the wrist. This gives the bracelet flexibility.
  • Bangles are worn by women only, married as well as unmarried while bracelets are worn by both genders, as well as children.
  • Bangles have a higher significance in Indian culture, particularly for a married woman while bracelets are mostly used as fashion accessories. They also have certain religious significance in few Indian cultures.
  • Bangles are full round metal or glass, without any space/emptiness or a clasp. They are worn by directly passing them through the hand. Bracelets have a clasp on both sides of the chain. These clasps can be interlocked to form a complete circle of the bracelet.
  • Bangles are thin accessories, while bracelets are thick and wide.
  • Bangles are worn in multiples i.e. you can wear more than one bangle on a wrist. Only a single bracelet is usually worn on one wrist. However, there are exceptional cases when the bracelets have religious significance; more than one can be worn.
  • Bangles are usually based on traditional or modern and classy designs. Bracelets can be customised as per choice, with different ornaments, beads, symbols, the name of a loved one, and much more.

Bangles And Bracelets In 2021

Nowadays, many young boys and girls have taken a liking to wear different jewellery items. Bangles and bracelets are the most popular and common ones.

Girls love to experiment with different designs of bangles which may be made of gold, silver, platinum, or glass. They try to find their look by trying on different styles. Modern jewellery designers have truly revolutionized the industry by bringing in new styles every single day, based on the choices and likes of modern girls.

Boys have always avoided bangles, and have stuck with their favourite accessories i.e. Bracelets. Due to flexibility in personalization, many individuals are going with the religious symbols as well as the modern and retro look to symbolise their strength, success, confidence, and many other qualities.

Latest Designs Of Gold Bangles & Bracelets

In this modern era, the jewellery designs are kept highly elegant. The ornamental designs are highly polished and abstract. Some of these bangles and bracelets even have a minimalistic design, yet are perfectly suited for different occasions. Because these are made from the purest metal and highly detailed craftsmanship. This makes their designs a perfect choice for a modern boy or girl, who loves to wear trendy items.

Even some traditional designs are recreated by giving them a modern look. Modern married women prefer to wear these because they have a balance between tradition and fashion which makes them ideal accessories on religious and family occasions.

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