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Reasons To Fall In Love With Linen Fabric

Reasons To Fall In Love With Linen Fabric

With the summertime arriving in full swing, it’s time to welcome linen fabric in your wardrobe. Linen clothes are irreplaceable during summers, forming a quintessential part of a capsule wardrobe while traveling or chilling in a hot and humid climate. And it’s not only because of the natural and timeless beauty of the fabric that we love linen dresses in summer, they offer various benefits in warmer weather.

Linen is a natural fiber of the flax plant stalks. It is quite similar to cotton and bamboo and has been in use for centuries, particularly in the tropical and Mediterranean regions.

Let us dive into some of the amazing benefits of linen fabric which have turned it into a trend across the globe today.

High Coolness Quotient than Cotton

Surprising! but it’s a fact that linen fabric is cooler than cotton fabric. This coolness in the linen fabric is a result of its lower thread counts.

You tend to perspire less while wearing linen clothes. The linen fabric gives more room for the heat to escape from your body. Also, it is anti-cling in nature, which makes it perfect for sticky and sultry weather conditions during the summer season. The weave of the fiber is such that it allows more passage of air. Consequently, making your body stay cool even in the direct afternoon heat.

An Ideal Fabric for Summer

Due to the higher absorbency rate of linen, it is popular for being an ideal fabric for the summer season. Besides, the hypoallergic feature of linen makes it most suitable for excessive sweating as you won’t get any skin rashes from it. The quick absorbance of sweat makes linen the most comfortable wear throughout the whole day, making it an ideal choice for hot and sticky weather conditions.

Longer Durability

One of the most highlighting perks of linen cloth is its long durability. It is 30% more long-lasting than cotton cloth. Even when your cotton clothes will start showing the signs of getting worn off and even fading, your linen clothes will age like a bottle of wine. Linen fabric will grow softer and brighter with each wash, unlike cotton fabric. The structural shape of linen fiber makes it a sound fabric and keeping it in a proper shape.

Adding To Your Fashion Statement

Wearing a linen outfit enhances your fashion statement. It magnifies your personality, adding charm and elegance to it. Linen is a very popular and stylish fabric that is very much in trend these days. Currently, imprinted linen is a huge craze among fashion enthusiasts. Even celebrities are endorsing the printed linen fabric. Wear the right linen to beat the heat in style. It is available in numerous styles and designs which can be customized according to one’s need also.

An eco-friendly Fiber

This is one of the best aspects of linen. It is a natural fiber with almost zero harm to the environment, particularly in contrast with cotton. Linen can grow even in the most inadequate soil conditions with the minimum requirement of fertilizers. Even the water demand during the production process is very less in comparison to the production process of growing cotton. There is zero waste produced by flax plants as the flax seeds and oils are excessively used in the health and food industry. Linen is a biodegradable fabric, making it an example of an eco-friendly product.

Natural Insect-Repellent

It might sound unusual, but it’s a fact that linen is a natural insect-repelling agent. Oftentimes the piling up of the clothes in the wardrobes for a long time makes a breeding ground for many insects like moths and millers, completely ruining the clothes if not taken care of at the right time. But you can just stack your linens in the closet and forget about it without being worried.

Several Health Benefits

Believe it or not, but linen beddings are proved to be healthy. It suppresses the common bacteria and mildew breeding on your beds or mattresses. Hence, you can protect yourself against the symptoms of flu, fever, and cold to a great extent. Also, there are lesser chances of skin irritation using linen beddings.

Available In Many Variations

Linen is such a fabric that fits perfectly for various purposes. Some of the products made from linen fabric are soft and smooth, while others are stiff and rough in material, precise for a definite appearance. And, the best part is that the clothes made of linen are suitable for all sorts of weather conditions. Also, it is easily available across the globe.

Perfect for Male Outfits

Like any other fabric, linen should also be taken care of and maintained properly. Linen has been modernized in its weaving technology and usage over many centuries. In ancient times, it was recognized more as a fabric preference for male outfits and clothes. The smooth and delicate texture of linen seems to be perfect for shirts, trousers, suits, etc. The non-sticky and cooling features of the linen fabric made it immensely popular among females as well. In modern times, the linen fabric comes in a variety of textures, colors, shades, and outfit styles available for both men’s and women’s style clothing.

Transform Your Home With Linen

The usage of linen fabric doesn’t end with the man and woman clothing only. It is popularly being used for home furnishing, upholstery, curtains, and other home accessories too. There are so many elements you can create with the linen fabric. It can renew the look of your home, enhancing the comfort and coolness of your home.

The fact that you will feel 3°-4°C cooler than the other people wearing cotton or silk will make you a huge fan of linen clothes during the summer season. Not only this you will perspire 1.5 times less too. In other words, wear linen clothes and you can go for a day trip to the beach, or have an evening party on the terrace, or take the commute to work, or even meet your friends for a picnic, without having to bother about overheating your body and feeling uncomfortable. So opt for linen clothing this summer to keep yourselves comfortable, feel confident, and look great all season long.

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