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Simple And Yet Elegant Shirts For Men!

Simple And Yet Elegant Shirts For Men!

Clothing has become a part of everybody’s lives. The way one dresses, conveys the sophisticated nature of the personality; especially for men. Namshi’s range of clothing is very particular, stylish, elegant, comfortable, and perfectly fit. With their clothes range, other brands of world repute have also been curated for you, to make the best of your choice. Namshi KSA has been acquired by Emaar Group and has the advantage of investing in the best, just for you.

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Men’s range of clothes, in comparison to the women’s range, is quite less. Yet, there are enough varieties to choose from and make their day the best out there. The type of cloth or fabric used, design or pattern incorporated, the fashion or style brought out, various combinations of suitable fittings among other details give enough choice to make.

Striped Regular Fit Shirt

The cloth is classic being pure cotton and made stretchable due to the blend of elastane. Therefore, the fit is very apt, especially for masculine features!. Not so loose not so tight, neither slim-fit nor skinny, just about the perfect fit! And, to style it, the band collar gives that signature. The white shirt is striped with light gray double lines, vertically and is full-sleeved with button cuffs.

The shirt can be worn as in-shirted or out, and it looks fairly elegant. The bottom is narrowly hemmed with sides cut in an arc shape which helps the shirt adjust to your body movements with great ease. With just a side pocket on the chest, the shirt is worth the buy for a smart style.

Essential Long Sleeve Shirt

The long sleeve shirt is a great fit for those who have long features, especially, long hands than usual, or for those who like to have a wrinkled covering on their wrist. Another style can be the folded sleeves, with these long sleeves, that give the right fold within a couple of rollups.

The pleated sleeves provide not so the plain look of the shirt, without any pocket. The button placket is significant with stitches on both sides of the row of buttons, which gives the plain shirt a plain design or pattern. The collars are buttoned and uniformly wide, giving that gentlemanly feature to the wearer. Great for formal wear!

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Essential Slim Fit Shirt

One of those lovely colors, the sky blue, gives that connoisseur look that is but irresistibly attractive, though plain and simple!. Slim fit and apt for those with athletic bodies or slim features, the essential fit shirt from Celio is worth the embrace on you. Made of light fabric, stitched to perfection, it is very comfortable to wear.

The full-length sleeves are pleated and button cuffed, while the apt collar neck runs plain placket with buttons, all the way down. Simply plain without any pocket, this essential slim fit is a super hit!

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Zip Detail Hooded Relaxed Shirt

The relaxed shirt is made of denim fabric and is plain all over with the blue color evenly spread. Like any other normal shirt, this zip detail shirt is also of similar shape and size. Full sleeved with stud buttoned cuffs, the wear is good winter clothing for men and can be worn on light-colored T-shirts.

The relaxed shirt has a hood of the same cloth and extends up the collar at the back, while the collar in the front has a zip running down the placket. The front side has two pockets on each side of the chest and is flapped with stud buttons. Better worn as casual wear.

Oxford Shirt

Oxford cloth is known for its stiffness and ability to hold up the structure and hence is a bit heavier with a rough weave or the basket weave. Shirts made of Oxford cloth are preppy and offer a smart casual style. Therefore, versatile, yet easier to wear, the shirt can be used as both, casual wear as well as formal wear.

The sleeves are double pleated, though smaller, while the sleeve placket runs almost up to the elbow. The front has one pocket on the chest and a distinguishing button placket running in the front. The bottom has two side cuts also known as curved hems to be easy on the wear without bunching or clustering.

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