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Stress And Anxiety Companion

Stress And Anxiety Companion

The way people see and understand life has changed with technology. With technological progress, everything has improved. So why not have an app that deals with stress and anxiety?  Here are a few quick and easy ways to deal with tension on your smartphones only. Stress can be due to various reasons. These matters can include your job, your family, your finances, or something you think about and worry about. Though counseling cannot replace apps, anxiety will be decreased somewhat.

Stress and anxiety companion is one of the most recommended mental well-being apps which is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). It uses various methods to cope with anxiety. These methods include the use of games and music that are specially designed to fight anxiety. It includes breathing exercises that boost you up and lessen the impact of negative thoughts by replacing them with positivity.

Who Should Use This App?

Anyone suffering from mild to moderate anxiety can use this app. It appears to be very much therapeutic.

Working Of The App

The Stress & Anxiety Companion app offers ways to control anxiety and find causes so that they will not be able to get you in the future. It will help develop your mental muscles to strengthen and enhance your strength. You can also exchange your happy thoughts and statements with friends and family in the form of fine picture cards. There are relaxing soundtracks exercises and relaxation, a visually supported breathing exercise, and brain games, that help disrupt worry or negative thinking.

Features Of The App

This software has three major characteristics: “Tools”, “Thoughts” and “Cards.”


There are two relaxing audio paths, an exercise in mindfulness of 15 minutes and an exercise in progressive muscle relaxation of 10 minutes, a visually assisted relaxation exercise, and brain games which help to disrupt nervous or negative thoughts.


Users are invited here to reframe negative ideas through their trigger, negative thinking, and the development of a new thought. The user explains the nervous thoughts and the triggering evaluates their fear on the scale of one to ten and decides a category of thought. The next step is to build a new and practical and positive thought.


The third segment is where people will combine a rundown of their thoughts with an appropriate picture that can be shared or stored with friends.

A ‘Learn’ segment offers information on subjects such as anxiousness, sleep, diet, exercise, in addition to the three immersive parts of the app.

Companion provides audio and written manuals covering all areas of the management of stress and anxiety related to work, including:

  • Setting goals to accomplish
  • Positive routine makeup
  • Reducing anxiety thoughts
  • Burnout comprehension

Where Can You Download It From?

In addition to a variety of other updates, the app also contains 50 additional Audio Guides that manage work and life-related tension and anxiety. This app is available free on both App Store and Google Play.

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