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9 Great Educational Toys to Make Learning Fun

9 Great Educational Toys to Make Learning Fun

Kids can be reluctant to learn and go to school. But luckily, there are plenty of educational toys that will make learning fun! Educational toys in Singapore come in all shapes and sizes; from puzzles to robots, kids will love these new ways to play while they learn about the world around them. There’s a perfect toy for every age group too! So whether you’re looking for an educational toy for your toddler or pre-teen, we’ve got it covered with this list of 9 great educational toys that will keep your kids excited about learning.

The Alphabet Train

This train is a favorite among toddlers who want to start learning their letters at home or on the go. It has colorful illustrations of 26 alphabet animals illustrated on each carton car, all with unique names that follow the alphabet. There are 3 activities for your little one to learn letters, letter sounds, and even how to string them together in a word. Pushing this train along also helps strengthen gross motor skills!

Giggle Bot

This robot cat loves to giggle! He laughs when you tickle him and talks when you feed him. Children will learn cause and effect through the actions of feeding Giggle Bot, plus they’ll improve their vocabulary skills by learning new words like ‘hungry’ and ‘tummy’. As a bonus, kids can also record themselves saying each word for future review.

LeapReader Junior

This fun little gadget is a great way to work on letter and word recognition, plus it’s interactive! By scanning any book you read with LeapReader Junior, the story comes alive with sounds and music. Kids can even record themselves reading the story and listen later. This helps optimize brain development through the repetition of learned information while also building self-confidence in their abilities.

Alex Educational Toys Singapore Craft My First Sewing Kit

Boys and girls alike will have a blast with this craft kit! Kids learn the importance of following directions while they create stuffed animal friends using simple hand stitching patterns. Once they’ve mastered these basic skills, older kids can even use their imagination to design their own creations from scratch!

LeapFrog Shapes & Sharing Picnic Basket

This adorable basket comes with a large array of activities for early learners. Kids will work on basic motor skills while they sort shapes into the correct holes, scoop fruit, and open up the sandwich container to share with friends! Playing together helps children learn social skills while also improving their ability to communicate.

VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

This activity cube has 5 sides of fun to work out fine motor skills, learning concepts, and open-ended play! Children will improve their dexterity while exploring the different activities on each side including a picture book, gears that teach how objects move in space, piano keys that introduce musical notes, and light-up buttons that enable children to follow simple directions.

VTech Sit-To-Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train

This train has a sturdy base that allows kids to stand it up and take their learning on the go! It includes activities for phonics and reading skills like picture matching, beginning sounds, and world-building while also working on gross motor skills with its interactive features. This train is great for helping children develop physically, emotionally, and cognitively!

VTech Touch Magic Tablet

Children need hands-on learning to build motor skills and encourage creativity. This tablet not only requires your child to swipe the screen to find the correct shape, but it also has 21 interactive activities. Kids will learn different concepts like sequencing, patterns, and matching while also developing social skills by playing with a friend or parent!

LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition

This fun tablet features an abundance of educational games in one package! Children can learn spelling, math facts for addition and subtraction, plus they’ll improve their creativity by drawing and playing music. Epic Academy Edition also teaches empathetic thinking, allowing kids to build emotional intelligence as they play games together with friends.


Children are often bored or uninterested in school. One way to keep them engaged and excited about learning is by letting them play with educational toys. Educational toys in Singapore can be a fun way to teach children about the world around them while they have fun playing. From puzzles to robots, there are so many different types that your child will love! If you’re looking for great ways to make education more enjoyable, it’s time to start shopping for these 9 awesome educational toy ideas today!

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