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What Do You Know About Costs of Loft Conversion in London

What Do You Know About Costs of Loft Conversion in London

Get an extraordinary living at your home with loft conversions! You can transform the additional space like a bathroom, home cinema, playroom, and bedroom contributing to increase its overall value respectively. Get interested and want to extend your home.

Before you search for an expert using loft conversion near me in London online, certain points are there to be known by you. Read this blog to know how to extend your home space in an alluring and cost-effective manner. 

Benefits of Loft Conversion

Shifting to a new home in London will need £40,000 including stamp duty and fees of estate agents. Save the cost by opting for home extension with loft conversion while contributing to the value of the home at the same time.

When it comes to lifestyle and financial benefits, your home’s thermal performance will get dramatically increased lessening the carbon footprint and promotes comfortable internal temperature at the same time.

Certain properties possess low-quality roof insulation but it must attain a well-insulation level of the roof as per the latest building regulations.  

What is the Basic Cost of Loft Conversion in London?

Construction costs of loft in London are relatively higher than that of other corners of the UK. The cost becomes incredibly high especially when the task is all about the old-fashioned homes.

But in contrast to that of the home extension, a loft conversion is savvier in terms of both cost and time. Moreover, you don’t have to sacrifice or ruin the beauty of exteriors like patios, lawns, and garden space while extending the home.  

Measure the Loft

It’s imperative for finding the approx size of the entire loft space for the calculation of the cost of loft conversion. Accordingly, you will get to know whether the plan is bearable for the available price or not. Most importantly space below the roof ridge should be adequate. Apart from height, the length and the full width of the available space should be plenty as well.

With No Dormer

If you want to get a single room in the loft conversion roof of about 18 sq. Metre then dormer is not an ideal option. You can commence the construction of the room at just £30,000 with no inclusion of fees and VAT.

It comprises the reinforcement of new floor, electrics, staircase, and insulation with three or two roof lights, fire safety measures, heating, and lighting. Minimally, loft conversion including roof lights costs only £1,500/m2 excluding fees and VAT ((£140/m2).

Costs of Dormer Loft Conversion

Dormer efficiently makes the room spacious allowing plenty of light inside through the windows. Hence, this approach is perfect for fitting in both bedroom and ensuite conversion. Now, it is used for projects with limited flat roof access along the existing roof comprising a window.

Dormer extension impacts the external structure of the house thereby demanding planning permission if the building is located in a conservation locality. When find it suits your building, consult with the architect for the estimation of the budget. On average, dormer conversion can make you cost £1,750/m2 with no inclusion of fees and VAT ((£164/ m2).

Therefore, the total cost can be hefty of around £50,000. Based on space quality, design aspirations, and size the cost can end up with an expense of around £100,000  for large houses consisting of multiple bathrooms and bedrooms all of the high-quality finishes. Top of Form

Costs of the Design

The specialists and architects of loft conversion in London are generally appointed for designing the loft conversion. Assisting the architect is the best thing you can probably do for maximizing the design quality and space potentiality.

Based on the construction cost percentage, the fee of the architect is usually estimated. The fee can be a lump sum amount and get hiked up over time as well. 

Planning Expenditure

Planning applications need £206 in the UK. The price is updated since 2018 and offers a ‘Householder Application’ allowing you to alter the house with loft conversions. Check our guide below to have a better area. 

Costs of Building Regulation

Even if your building doesn’t fall in the category of an approved inspector or local authority then also inspection is necessary before loft conversion. The approved inspectors serve as independent specialists for certifying compliance with building regulations.

They will check whether the project meets the sound construction, ensure proper thermal performance and fire safety requirements. Overall, it will make you pay about £600 depending on the project on your property.    

Costs of Party Wall Surveyor

For the semi-detached or terraced home, you will obtain the share of more or one wall with the neighboring house. In case, loft conversion needs the usage of a shared wall then the legal agreement should be made between your neighbor and you. It is quite simple as obtaining party wall notice and can be difficult for bearing the party wall expenses.

Costs of Quantity Surveyor

Hiring a quantity surveyor is highly recommended when you need to get a clear estimation of the project initially. They are experts in dealing with the cost issues enabling you to pay a fair price for the entire project with the inclusions of variations. Usually, they will charge 0.5% to 2% of the entire building cost based on the service quality they offered.

Costs of Specialist Survey

Some properties need a specialist survey that costs between £500 – £2,000. It investigates damp, bats, and asbestos extensively in the property.  


In general, it is impossible to get to know the area of the existing structure of the roof to use during dormer conversion till the development gets started. Always choose a suitable contractor who can provide desired results with fair prices. 

Planning Permission

The loft doesn’t need any planning permission under certain permitted development. But the listed properties and homes in conversation areas must seek permission from the local authority. By choosing an experienced architect who possesses experience in dealing with the policies of listed buildings and conservation areas things will become easier.

Types of loft roof

The steeper roof can provide living space with loft conversion. Houses of pre-1960s are much better to make loft due to leftover space within the steeper pitch and roof structure. Afterward, as pitches get lower new types of roof structures tend for more designs of conversion work.

How Loft Conversion Increase the Value of your Home

While the ensuite bathroom heightens 5% of the value of the property, the master bedroom heightens the value up to 15%. Extension not only promotes the monetary value of the property but also enhances the quality of living in a style too. So, always invest in an architect-designed and good quality loft conversion to enjoy the living style and increasing the value of the property.  

Summary FAQs

Is Planning Permission Required for your Loft Conversion?

Basically loft conversion doesn’t always need planning permission as it gets covered under the permitted development. But the rule is not applicable while developing loft in buildings of some specific areas and listed buildings. 

How does Loft Conversion add Value to your Property?

A complete loft conversion will increase the value of the property by up to 20%. The unsuited bathroom will add 5% and the large master bedroom heightens 15% of the value of the room.

What Can be the Basic Price of Loft Conversion?

The cost of loft conversion in London usually ranges from £40,000-£70,000 with the exclusion of other fees and VAT. The cost will vary based on complications and size associated with the loft conversion. Now, you can arrange a consultation with an expert for determining the best loft conversion type for your property. If you wish to get the job done by a trustworthy and experienced company then you may try Loft London. They are outstanding whilst it is about serving the urbanites with modern, affordable, and comfortable living options.

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