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5 Must Try Italian Cheese

5 Must Try Italian Cheese

Food in Italy has a rich history. Unlike other countries, Italians don’t just eat food. Their focus is on its historical account and ways it can be improved. Italian food reflects their culture and values, as a foreigner visiting Italy or just eating at an Italian restaurant. You would know what I am referring to.

They have a diverse variety of pasta, meats, and cheese. These are essential ingredients that are found in their cuisine. Every town has its distinct tradition of cheesemaking. Italian cheese is made from goat, cow, sheep, or even buffalo milk. They can be eaten raw or cooked. We have created a list to make the tasting easier.


Everyone in the world knows Parmigiano. It is widely famous and loved by every person. Italians grate the cheese on pasta, pair it with fruit, use the rind in soup. Or have it as a snack. It is made from the high-fat milk of cows. Hence it has a nutty-sweet flavor due to the crystallization of protein.


Grano is a close cousin of Parmigiano. They are often confused with each other as they have a similar texture. Cow milk is used to make Grano. However, it has a grainy texture compared to Parmigiano, which has a hard surface. The cows used to make Grano follow a strict diet.

Parmigiana is often considered superior, which is untrue as Grano has its distinct taste. A well-aged Grano is a beautiful delicacy.


Italian mozzarella is made by kneading cheese curds, unlike the ones found in supermarkets. Traditionally, it is not meant to age. Italians eat it fresh with olive oil drizzled on top of it. Buffalo Mozzarella is used in pizzas as it is drier and has a higher melting point. Burrata is another variant of mozzarella. The texture is creamy is often used in pasta.


The word “ricotta” is translated as recooked in Italian. The cheese is made by boiling whey from leftover cheese until it comes in the form. It is a creamy cheese with sweet and savory notes. Ricotta is used in pastries, stuffed pastry or even pasta. You can use it in a variety of ways. It won’t disappoint you.

Fresh or aged ricotta are equally delicious Italian cheeses. Baking ricotta results in it getting firm with a crust forming on the outside. Unlike most cheeses, the process is reversed in ricotta.


It is an Italian version of cream cheese. The process of making it simple. A beginner with no skills can make it at home. You need cream milk, heat it, and add lemon juice. Mascarpone is used in risotto or tiramisu. Hence you have all the details. Find a cheese, don’t devour it but analyze the flavors and texture of it. Ponder over its process.

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