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8 Best Smart Door Locks To Keep Your Home & Office Safe

8 Best Smart Door Locks To Keep Your Home & Office Safe

You can make a convenient move by opting for a smart door lock system that will keep your office and home safe. Thanks to the modern technology that helps you get optimum security at your place. You can unlock the door without keys by using some advanced features. Sometimes you are in a hurry and forget to lock the door or sometimes you are not sure that you have locked it or not then you can make use of the technology and be safe regarding security. These locks have a number of advantages and can be easily installed at any door.

You have many valuable things and documents at your home and even office, therefore, you need good security there. You will come across different types of locks having some amazing features and modern technology giving ease to access your doors sometimes without even touching. Here we have some of the most popular smart door locks that will keep your home and office safe.

Valencia Smart Door Lock

The Valencia smart door lock is made of alloy and has a glass finish that gives it a graceful look. This door lock has one front panel, one back panel, 2 keys, 2 RFID cards, and 4 AA batteries. These locks will look best on wooden doors. It is highly safe and secure, and its black color makes it just the best suitable for any place. It is just one touch away to open the door. It has a clear display that gives a smooth and fine touch.


  • It is touch-free.
  • This smart lock can also be opened with different features.
  • The lock is easy to use.

Godrej Advantis Revolution

Either open it with a 4 digit password or with your fingerprint. The Godrej Advantis Revolution is a perfect device to mount on your doors and get high security. The lock even has mechanical keys for an emergency or when the battery of the lock is low. It has an adjustable spy code that maintains secrecy when random numbers are added before or after the password. It is easy to access and easy to install with the help of screws and attachments you get with it.


  • It runs on batteries having low battery indication
  • You can open it with a fingerprint, password, or card.
  • It even has a mechanical key system.

August Smart Lock

Isn’t it cool to control your lock with your phone? The August smart lock does the same. It automatically locks your door behind you. Made of wireless technology this smart lock is suitable for your home and office room. It is small and convenient and can be easily installed within 10 minutes. So you don’t need to worry about the lock just forget that old lock system and use this that will save your time and energy.


  • It is small and convenient as well as easy to access.
  • This round lock is pretty attractive for your doors.
  • It is the best wireless technology for home security and control.

Zemote Smart Door Lock

The stainless-steel door lock with fingerprint, password, and app access. If you forget to take the key along with it then do not hassle, it will auto-lock in five seconds. Due to the app facility, you can access it from anywhere in the globe. If you are not at home then in an emergency you can use the apps and unlock the door. So don’t panic, just install it at your home or at the office and secure your personal documents and other valuables properly.


  • You don’t need the keys and manual techniques to open the door.
  • It has an auto-lock feature that locks the door in 5 seconds.
  • It is easy to access and easy to install the device.

Next X Yale Lock

The Next X Yale lock is a secure smart lock for your front door. You get keyless entry and you don’t need to lock or unlock the door with keys. Give the unique passcode to your family and relatives so that they can operate it whenever required. It is a keyless deadbolt, so just open the door by using the correct pin. You can check the status from anywhere and get notified when someone tries to open the door.


  • It automatically closes when you are away.
  • It notifies you when anyone else tempers the door.
  • It’s small, convenient, and easy to use.

Dolphy RFID Door Lock

The most convenient and stylish lock is the Dolphy RFID door lock. It has radio frequency and is available in different colors that give you an option to choose the right one for your place. Just show your card and open the door without touching it. There are 200 guest cards available with the lock so that it can be used whenever required. It is easy to install and looks decent. It’s perfect for your room and office place.


  • It is stylish and has a sleek design that looks amazing.
  • It is easy to install and manage.
  • Easy to use by just showing the card.

eCasa Smart Door Lock

One of the most elegant and stylish smart door locks is the eCasa door lock. It is made of copper and has a digital system and fingerprint sensor, you can use whichever you prefer. It has a sleek design and can be unlocked in multiple ways. It is a completely wireless device that also has an emergency charging option. This door lock will make your work easier and will save your time as well as energy from manually opening the door.


  • You can unlock the door in multiple ways.
  • It works on batteries and saves electricity.
  • It even has mechanical keys in case you need it.

Schlage Encode Door Lock

If you are willing for something unique and different then you should choose this digital smart lock. It has in-built wi-fi that allows you to lock or unlock the door from anywhere. This biometric lock is made of bronze that has an alarm technology that senses potential security and indicates when the battery is low. Its attractive design and mechanical feature make it one of the most convenient and admired locks for your main door.


  • The lock works with Alexa and can be locked or unlocked by voice.
  • It indicates when the battery is low so that you can charge it again.
  • It is easy to install and easy to use.

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