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A Brief Guide to Planning a Marquee Wedding

A Brief Guide to Planning a Marquee Wedding

Marquee provides you with full flexibility in wedding planning – something especially related during Covid-19. A marquee wedding can help you increase the available space of the venue to allow additional guests while remaining within the government restriction.

However, planning a wedding marquee requires some factors to be considered and taken care of. Here are the things you need to consider when planning a marquee wedding.

Why have a Marquee Wedding?

There is a lot of facades on a wedding day. First, a marquee can provide full control and flexibility on your special day. You can choose your furniture, accessories, and lighting to make the place any way you like. Marquees are the perfect choice for social distancing and provide more space flexibility for you and your guests. You can increase and reduce the size of the marquee a few days before.

Although the cost of marquees may be more than hiring budget sites, they are saved elsewhere. You will be completely flexible when choosing a catering server and dining style.

Things to Consider in a Marquee Wedding

Marque weddings are getting more popular due to several reasons. However, there are a few things to consider if you are planning a marquee wedding.

Time of the Year

More and more people are considering autumn and winter Marquee weddings, especially during October and March. In the colder month, from November to February, you’ll need a heater to keep your guests warm and wooden floors to prevent high heels from sinking in a wet floor. That could increase the costs. The exception is those who want a very big wedding. In winter, large marquee companies have more competitive prices for well-made structures.

Catering Logistics

The great advantage of the marquee wedding is that you can choose your wedding catering service. In addition to the main tent, you need to hire a separate dining tent. Your catering company will need to access the water, so please consider this when watching the place. If it is in your garden or any other suitable place, this will not be a problem. However, if it is far from any water source, you may have to provide water to the catering service.


Portable toilet units can be spacious and beautifully decorated, such as luxury toilets. This can also provide a little luxury for you and your guests even in the middle of the field. You may want the trailer toilet, rather than the personal portal used on the construction site unless your budget is very tight. These have separate ladies ‘ and men’s rooms with appropriate basins, towels, mirrors, or even vases!

You need the extra toilet and handle facilities this year to respond to the health rules. So, think about putting the toilet in a separate caravan. If you are recruiting a venue through a website, please check if you can use the internal toilet or you need to make arrangements.

Hand Washing Facilities

It is important to provide a separate hand washing facility in the bathroom due to the recent pandemic scenario. Providing a handwashing facility will make the guests comfortable and satisfied.


Heating, lighting, music, portable bathroom, all of these require electricity. So, your wedding marquee will need electricity. A separate circuit will be set up with the ground of the venue and will include connections in its cost.

These are a few things to consider when planning a marquee wedding. A marquee wedding provides ultimate flexibility and a great opportunity to make your wedding day ore special and unique.

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