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5 Secrets about Aromeo Sense that You Should Know

5 Secrets about Aromeo Sense that You Should Know

Aromeo sense is a combination of its colors and sound therapy with 360° multi-sensory technology.  As our mood depends on the factors like smell, light, and sounds, this unique gadget contains all of these factors.

Sleep and Wake Up

It helps you sleep and wake up according to nature using light and sound effects. When it’s time to wake up, you are welcomed by sunrise light and energetic music, and at the time of sleeping, aromeo shows the dimming sunlight and gentle music.

Stress Buster

Aromeo helps you to bust the stress. When you follow the ring light to inhale and exhale, you will release the tension and feel fresh in the relaxed mode.

Focus Module

When working, you can be productive with focus mode with blue light. In focus mode, you will enjoy the soft music and gentle aroma that will help you to stay concentrated.

LED Ring Light

There are 40 LED lights in the ring. It has 20 base colors, and it has thousands of gradients. You can adjust the lights according to your mood or desire and your brightness level.

Aromeo Sense App

You can control this gadget through your mobile with an app. You can adjust the lights and sound according to your own choice and mood with this app.

It is straightforward to use this gadget to choose from the sleep, relax and focus module. You can also use the app to control this gadget, or by pressing the button, you will enjoy its multi-functions.


The Aromeo Sense has three preset modes: concentration, sleep, and relaxation, which can be reached through the device’s buttons. To adjust the mood of your room, each uses several light levels and colors, scents, and sounds. The concentrate mode manipulates blue light to keep you stimulated and awake, along with a relaxing fragrance and cheerful music.

In comparison, the sleep mode depends on a dimming, orange-hued artificial sunset, soft music, and a comforting smell. Finally, the relaxed mode has a “gentle scent,” meditation music, and light animation that brightens and fades to help you breathe.

And there are the noises. Aromeo’s catalog includes everything from led meditations to natural sounds to music. Users will also use the system’s scheduling feature, which allows them to schedule the plan to go into sleep mode at 9:30 p.m. each night, kicking the sunset light into action automatically.

Aromeo Sense is the combination of light and sound therapy. It is designed to create different atmospheres in the same room. If you want the sunset feeling while staying in the room, you can use this unique gadget for this lovely feeling.

You can transform your room into any atmosphere without traveling anywhere. This gadget is convenient for the patients, especially for the covid-19 infected peoples who cannot leave their room, So by using this gadget, you can enjoy different atmospheres staying in the room. So without wasting more time just buy this wonderful gadget.

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