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How to Install Elementor Builder in WordPress (A Comprehensive Guide)

How to Install Elementor Builder in WordPress (A Comprehensive Guide)

The WordPress page builder is widely regarded as the most used tool for creating a fast, clean-looking, visually attractive, and minimalistic designed website. Before Elementor, the default WordPress page builder used to be stereotypical and inflexible to use for beginners. But that all changes with the use of Droit Elementor Addons.

Elementor added a new dimension to the WordPress page builder by adding a new visual editing option. It’s like drawing a website on a piece of paper. You get to work on an empty canvas and design your website on the go.  And like its features, installing it is also pretty straightforward so, let’s get to it.

How To Install Elementor Builder In WordPress

There are two ways you can download the Elementor page builder on your system.

Directly from the Elementor Website

Downloading the Elementor plugin from the website is pretty straightforward and requires an account. Put in your credentials (email and a password of choice) to create an account. The website should ask you some questions for a better experience, but it should take you to the download page in a few clicks. 

Head over to and click on the ‘Get Started’ button to create an account and see all the available options at your disposal for using Elementor on your website. If you are making a WordPress website for the first time, it will help you complete a series of the process you need to get done before building a website, including – hosting, domain purchase, etc.

The plugin is bite-sized and should be downloaded as a zipped (.zip) file, and shouldn’t take long to download. You should save it on your system’s hard drive, and you need to show the plugin’s location from the WordPress dashboard. 

Here’s how you can add the downloaded plugin to the WordPress dashboard. First, click on Plugins Add New Upload Plugin. Alternately, you can upload the zipped (.zip) file on the WordPress dashboard by clicking on the ‘Choose File’ button below the Upload Plugin button.

Download from the WordPress Dashboard

Look up Plugins on the WordPress menu to the left of the screen. Search for Plugins Add New and click on it. It should take you to another page where you can search for the plugins you need. Find the search bar on the top right portion of the screen and type in Elementor.

The Search Results page should show Elementor Page Builder right on the first result on the screen. After that, you can check the rating, number of installations, logo, the web address of the parent company, and the last time it was updated to make sure this is the plugin you want to install.

Next, click on the ‘Install Now’ button to start the installation process. The download should take a few seconds to about a minute or so, depending on your internet speed. The download should be readily installed within your WordPress system, and so, you need not locate the file manually like you needed to do if you downloaded it separately from the website.

How To Install Elementor Pro Page Builder In WordPress

Downloading the Elementor Pro version grants you tons of features that you cannot get in the free version. For example, templates library, Customized widgets, Theme builder, Form builder, Customized CSS – these are the features you can get in Elementor Pro only.

Here is how to download and install Elementor Pro page builder in WordPress:

  1. Go to and signup for an account if you are a new user.
  2. Answer some questions for a seamless user experience on the website.
  3. The pricing should be available after your questions are answered, and you can choose the package you want.
  4. Complete the payment, and the website will allow you to download the plugin normally.
  5. Next up, open your WordPress dashboard and choose Plugins Add New Upload Plugin.
  6. If the plugin is in .zip format, locate the folder where the plugin has been downloaded and click ‘Open.’
  7. After it’s uploaded, click on ‘Install Now’ to get started.
  8. WordPress should readily upload the plugin in its system and should take a few seconds to apply the new plugin before it’s ready for use.

In Conclusion

WordPress as a platform is becoming more versatile, realizing what potential Elementor brings to it. The live and interactive, coupled with a no-coding experience, brings a whole new dynamic level to the experience of building websites. On top of everything, you can use most of the features of this tool for free to create the perfect-looking website for your need. 

So, feel free to use the beautiful contribution of open-sourced tools for creating your website today.

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