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Here’s how you can sell your old broken phones

Here’s how you can sell your old broken phones

In today’s day and age, people buy and sell, things of all sorts on the Internet. There are a buyer and demand for just about everything and this means that there are very high chances of you being able to sell your old and broken phone, which is light-years away from being categorized as a phone in mint condition. If you have been meaning to sell old broken phones for the best price in the most convenient of ways, but just don’t how or where to begin, then read on further to know everything you need to know about selling old broken phones.

What are the three main conditions that most mobile recyclers have?

You might not know this but there are three key conditions, that mobile recyclers in all countries use to add value to your old mobile phone. Let’s have a look at three of these conditions.


This means the phone in question is brand new and on most occasions, such phones haven’t even been turned on

Working but used

This means that the phone in question has been used previously but is currently in an undamaged condition and is functioning pretty fine


This means that the phone in question isn’t working properly and might have major flaws like smashed screens. It may also mean that the phone in question is just very scuffed.

So can you sell your old and broken phone?

There is no doubt that you can easily sell your phone which is old and broken. Before moving on any further, let’s just understand what ‘broken’ means, for the sake of clarity.

  • The phone in question is cracked
  • The phone has a lot of chips, dents, and scratches
  • The speakers and microphones are broken
  • The keys are faulty and so are the buttons
  • The battery is either missing and if it is present then it is broken
  • The phone just doesn’t power up
  • The SIM gate of the phone is broken
  • The OS of the phone is either missing or it’s corrupt

Even if your phone is in any of the conditions as has been mentioned above, then there’s no need to worry, because you can still manage to get some decent cash for it.

When will the recyclers offer you a quote and on which parameters will this ‘quote’ be based?

One important thing to note here is that mobile recyclers in nearly all cities and countries will want to check your mobile in person, before providing you with an offer. What this means is that the initial quote that you were offered might go for some fluctuations when the mobile recycler has received your phone and checked it.

You may or may not be happy with the revised and altered quote and if you aren’t happy, then you simply don’t have to go further with the purchase. You can just choose to get your phone back. The best way to go about things would be to check the terms and conditions of the recycler in question before shipping anything off to him or her.

What kind of phones will you not be able to sell?

Though you might be able to sell old broken phones, but then there are always some phones that are damaged beyond all levels of comprehension. Such phones are simply in a stage where the recycler won’t be able to salvage any economic potential out of the phone, even after buying the same from you, at dirt cheap prices. You aren’t likely to get anything for the phones, which are in the following conditions

  • If your phone is reported as stolen
  • In the network of the phone is barred
  • If the phone in question has been blacklisted by Check MEND
  • If the phone has been damaged by water or has had something called liquid ingress
  • If the phone has been twisted or snapped into two pieces
  • If the phone is a fake itself

Simply phones that are beyond economic repair or are illegal!

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