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Is SEO Still Worth It For Small Businesses?

Is SEO Still Worth It For Small Businesses?

SEO is the art of improving the way your website performs in search engines. When consumers type in search terms relating to your company, services, or industry, you want your website to be one of the first they see. It’s been proven that users are more likely to click on the first few search results they see, hence SEO has been a valuable part of digital marketing for many years.

However, search engine optimization is also quite challenging and confusing. Without the help of quality SEO services, most business owners wouldn’t be able to make sense of it. Nevertheless, many small business owners are left wondering if SEO is still worth the costs or not. It’s been a tricky twelve months for most companies, meaning business owners around the world are keen to slash costs wherever possible. SEO seems like the natural target, but does it still have value in the small business world?

The short answer is yes, it most certainly does. As you read through the following points, you’ll see precisely why small businesses should still focus on SEO…

81% Of Users Find Websites Via Search Engines

It’s a simple fact of life that search engines are the main place for people to go when they’re looking for something. In fact, research suggests that 81% of consumers start their journey on a search engine. They type in terms, then click on one of the websites in the results. So, it’s still very important for a small business to work on SEO, boosting its website up the rankings.

Think about it this way, if you don’t bother with SEO, you’re basically cutting out 81% of the market. It will significantly decrease your visibility, reducing your chances to generate leads.

Lots Of Users Use Ad Blockers

Ad-blocking software is increasingly common for internet uses around the world. A lot of users are sick of seeing adverts whenever they’re browsing the web, so they pay to get rid of them. If you run PPC campaigns through search engines, this basically means your adverts might not be seen by many people. Granted, you won’t technically lose money as no one is clicking on your ads, but it’s a waste of time.

This is why SEO is so important for small businesses. It gives you a chance to increase your presence organically, without worrying about ad-blocking software. In fact, people want to get rid of adverts as it distracts them from the organic search results! If you stop spending money on quality SEO services and decide to only focus on paid ads, it might not be as effective.

Users Prefer Organic Search Results Over Paid Ones

Following on from the previous point, organic search results are preferred to paid ones. This is because users put more trust in a company that gets to the top of the organic search pages. It shows that they clearly know what they’re doing and must be at the top of their game. By contrast, any company can get into the paid ads section, as long as you have enough money.

So, paid ads don’t come with as much recognition as organic results. Therefore, SEO is important as it can also help to build your brand image. When you are on the first page of Google, users respect you. If you are one of the first three websites someone sees, they instantly make a connection in their mind and see you as authentic and trustworthy. SEO isn’t just about directing traffic to your website; it’s about building your brand and establishing trust with consumers. Even if people don’t visit your site, you still sew a little seed in their head.

It Continues To Produce Results

The entire debate around SEO being ‘worth it’s for small businesses can be squashed here. SEO continues to produce results for small businesses around the world. It is seen as a very cost-effective way of marketing a small company – particularly if you rely on web traffic.

Furthermore, things like local SEO are even more beneficial for a lot of small businesses. Local companies that depend on foot traffic often give up on SEO as they see no point. They don’t need people to visit a website, so they don’t bother. But, with local SEO services, you can direct people straight to your store. They run a search, see your company, then go visit you.

The bottom line is that SEO is definitely still worth it for small businesses. Scrapping it from your marketing strategy is simply an unwise decision. Instead, you should focus on finding SEO services that target your main goals and needs. This way, you can pay for something that delivers great results within your budget.

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